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Improve a Skill
Improve a Skill: Listening

“Man’s inability to communicate is a result of his failure to listen effectively.”— Carl Rogers


iLANG offers a wide range of events outside class throughout the year to help improve your listening skills. Click on the event name(s) for more details.


Events General Speech Sound Awareness Listening for Gist Listening in Social Conversations Listening in Discussions Listening to Global English & Different Accents Exam Skills
Speaking, Pronunciation and Writing Advising Services            

Short Courses

Speaking Clearly: A Pronunciation Course


Speaking Fluently: A Connected Speech Course


Speaking Effectively: A Public Speaking Course


Speaking Persuasively: Put Forward an Argument via Short Films


IELTS Preparation


IELTS Speaking


TOEFL Preparation


Socializing in Workplace

Be a Courteous Conversationalist: Handling Difficult Situations       √     
Board Games Night            
Chit-Chat Corner          
Cinematopia: The Film Discussion Group

Dining Etiquette            
English Language Buddy Scheme (ELBS)          
Fluency and Pronunciation Training Workshop          
Intercultural Communication Series 1: Small Talk is Not Small At All            
Intercultural Communication Series 2: Say What You Mean: When “OK” Doesn’t Mean Good             
Make Your Words Dance: Useful English Idiomatic Expressions            
Multi-cultural and Communication Exchange Scheme (McCES)         
News Talk

Pronunciation of the Day

Speaking Proficiency Training Workshop (For ELPA)

Winning Interviews: Persuasive Language & Strategies



Priority is given to students in UGC-funded programs.

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